The latest attack to hit Twitter is a "security nightmare" and marks the first time hackers have taken to using the micro-blogging site for profit, a researcher said today. Unlike earlier cross-site scripting attacks on Twitter, the latest wasn't a worm, said Roel Schouwenberg, a senior antivirus researcher with Moscow-based Kaspersky Labs.

Instead, it's something even scarier: The first instance of hackers serving up "scareware," fake security software that, once installed, nags users with so many alerts that some fork over $50 or more just to "register" the program and get rid of the warnings.

"This is just another scareware installer," Schouwenberg said, referring to the malware that's downloaded onto victimized PCs. "There's no worm component. But it's quite significant as it's the first time that Twitter's been used for a traditional type of attack."

Over the weekend, Twitter users began receiving tweets with the phrase "Best Video" and a link to a Russian domain. Although those who clicked on the link were directed to a site with a video, they were also served a malicious PDF document via an IFRAME on that site. The PDF, said Schouwenberg, contains a number of exploits, and tries each in turn. If it's able to compromise the computer using one of those exploits, the malware then installs phony security software.

The PDF appears to contain attack code from "LuckySploit," a relatively-new multi-strike hacker toolkit that uses malicious JavaScript, said Schouwenberg.

On Saturday, Twitter warned users of the tweets with the "Best Video" link, then later noted that it had suspended compromised accounts, but would restore then shortly after they'd been scrubbed.

Twitter's not able to remove any malware installed by the attacks, of course, leaving that chore up to users.

Schouwenberg's sure that Twitter's talk of cleaning accounts was a smokescreen, as unlike attacks in April, this one wasn't a worm. "There was no self-replicating code in the binary," he said. Instead, Schouwenberg believes that the malicious tweets were sent from Twitter accounts whose log-on credentials had been hijacked previously by basic phishing-style scams.

"When I first saw this Saturday night, I thought of the Twitter phishing attack, which was quite high profile," said Schouwenberg. "Phishing always has a greater purpose ... so when all of a sudden you see a new 'worm' but there's no worm component [in the attack code], it's clear that this was based on compromised accounts, rather than self-replicating."

Schouwenberg also found the links in the malicious tweets on multiple Web forums, giving credence to his theory that hijacked accounts were used to launch the scareware attack.

Twitter users should expect to see more such attacks, Schouwenberg said. "The whole idea of Twitter is to click on links," he said. "It's a security nightmare."

From : computerworld.com

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Bing Search Engine Yahoo may only be relax about Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. However, it seems Yahoo should be wary. 

The analysts estimate the potential Bing beat Yahoo in some time to come.

Although the it launched in one week, Bing market share this soon changed dramatically. This indicates Bing ready to beat Yahoo. Such information is quoted from TG Daily, Monday (6/8/2009).

A report released from the institution StatCounter research reveals that market share in Bing in one week after the launch at position of 16.3 percent. This exceeds the amount of Yahoo stock that has as much as 10.2 percent.

However, Bing, of course, still far behind if you want to challenge Google. King of the virtual world is still occupying the number one market share percentage of 71.5 percent.

StatCounter is not the only institution that reveal that slowly Bing will beat Yahoo. Survey other institutions, Net Application says Bing’s market share jumped as much as six percent in just a few hours after launch.

However, the graph published by Net Applications indicates that Yahoo and Google shares will not be affected by the launch of Bing.

Some time ago, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz had said that the incessant campaign Bing in a short time will not effect any changes to the market.

The statement also seems intended to comment on the marketing strategy that Microsoft made to push up the popularity of Bing. According to the newspaper, a company owned by Bill Gates has set up millions of dollars for a campaign of Bing.

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Nimi Visual - Desktop Effect If you are happy enough with the Windows XP operating system with the view that even though simple, for almost eight years, does not want to upgrade it to Vista that has a visual display and interesting effects such as Aero Glass, Flip 3D, and other effects. Oh wait, or you may be Windows 7 that have the effect more beautiful and does not take many computer resources.

What about the Mac OS X that has a popular visual effects and became a beautiful outpost in this, and not Linux can appear more dynamic and interesting applications with Compiz Fusion plugin that has many interesting visual effects. For those who still stand with XP despite the many temptations that come from other operating system now have a programmer and designer (samiwieciekto) that seem to be the same as you who can not switch to another heart and try to make the environment and the look of Windows XP You become more interest.

Nimi Visuals initially called Tophaz is a small application that takes 23 different kinds of effects and functions to manipulate the desktop display for free in Windows XP, Vista, and even 7. Do not forget to install the .NET 2.0 is a prerequisite to be able to use this application. Nimi through the icons that appear in the taskbar you can try to activate one or more effects are available, simply by clicking on the icons that represent each effect. Or, if less clearly also provided a brief description that will appear at the bottom of the cursor when you point to one of the icons. Memory management is quite good with the use of active time is less than 10 MB.

Nimi Visual Effect Some of the effects that seem inspired from the available effects that we can find in the Mac OS X and some of the effects of Compiz in Linux, in addition to the visual effects of Windows Vista and 7. To avoid conflict between the effects with other effects, so when one of the effects enabled applications will show up an exclamation mark icon on some other effects that can cause conflict or interference, if the effect is activated simultaneously.

This application is portable, so you can directly execute the applications without the need to install it first. All settings and data stored in the Application folder Users. Using this application is relatively safe, because it is not installed and does not leave the trail registry, then you need not fear the application cause problems if there are bugs. Once the application is closed then the desktop will be back as they are. If you want to activate the effects of Nimi at startup every time, it provide a check box at the bottom left corner of the program.

This is a list of visual effects that are on the Nimi application, and developer said that this application will continue to be developed on a regular basis, adding new features every few times a month and change / update of one month each. So keep watching the development of this application become more perfect.

Transparent and shadow effects
     * Desktop windows shadow - all change the active window to be transparent at the desktop is clicked. And click on the transparent window to activate it again.
     * Window fading in on creation - the window opened at the time of fade / active
     * Contrast screen - make contrast view of the active window is not active with that. The active window to appear as normal while the not active window does fade.
     * Taskbar and start menu blurred background - Taskbar and start menu to be transparent with a blur background
     * Start menu and Taskbar Transparency - Taskbar and start menu to be transparent (with no weak effects)
     * Transparency on window move and resize - change to a transparent window at the time moved and changed in size.
     * Taskbar shadow - the back of the taskbar there is a shadow effect
     * Transparent window borders - changing some of the edge of the window to be transparent by using the bounds of the default theme.
     * Invisible desktop - hide all the desktop icon when the cursor is not in the focus there.

And other more cool desktop effect. Visit here or here.

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Conficker Virus Internet Long time not hear about Conficker, the conficker virus is considered stop swing the action. In fact do not. Virus that has not been found the vaccine still roam.

In fact, according to one observer security Guy Bunker, conficker are still evolving to attack computers. According to Guy, to this day conficker still infecting at least 50 thousand computers each day.

"Many people who have left news about conficker. Think again. Conficker still continue to attack a computer, every day," said Guy, as quoted PC World, Friday (5/22/2009).

Conficker is a frightening specter for the computer users in the world. The virus that attacked since February ago is a difficult virus to destroy. Even-up software giant Microsoft issued a classmate contest to eradicate the virus.

Up to now these countries are often victims conficker is the United States, Brazil, India and the average of 350 thousand virus attacked every day. Following then Mexico, Italy, and China is at least 89 thousand infected computers.

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The continued speculated Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 for MSDN subscribers which was ahead set to absolution at an beforehand date has assuredly been launched. MSDN subscribers can log in to their accounts and download a archetype for aggravating and testing.

Since this absolution is a Beta version, the final adaptation is consistently accountable to changes. Hence, users are not recommended to install it into a assembly apparatus and the absolution is mainly for testers’ concern and acknowledgment collection.

There are abundant changes and appearance added into the new Visual Studio 2010. At the aforementioned time, .NET Framework 4 Beta 1 is aswell appear accordingly for MSDN subscribers’ trial.

Users who wish to apperceive added about the new Visual Studio 2010 such as artefact highlights, new appearance etc can apprehend the Visual Studio 2010 Artefact Highlights via the hotlink here. Users aswell can download Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Beta 1 via the hotlink here.

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A hacker has been claiming successfully break all the credit card information belonging to Apple’s boss, Steve Jobs. Via email that is sent to the Cult of Mac, a hacker called orin0co claim to have obtained the credit card information of Jobs via a fake Amazon.com page that he created.

"Only me that hold all the information belonging to Jobs," said orin0co through an email with Hushmail account in it.

The story was, two years ago he make a fake amazon.com page and send an email to several people, including Steve Jobs in order to immediately update all account information at Amazon.com, including name, address, credit card number and password at Amazon.com.

Unconsciously, Jobs took to update the data in the fake Amazon website. "But I never presume own the data that I've got," he said as quoted from Softpedia, Sunday (5/17/2009).

Many people who deny the truth of the case, but the statement in the email that reinforce the information is correct. The data indicate that Jobs has purchased approximately 20 thousand items from the Amazon during the last ten years. Jobs are often known to buy films in the HBO mini-series in the DVD form.

Nevertheless, rumor has not yet confirmed as true story, even some thought that it is the effort to topple Apple. "Imagine how safe the Mac if you can playing with a Steve Jobs," write orin0co.

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